About Us

Novolar is a Ghanaian real estate development company delivering innovative international standard urban homes using a people centered design build process. The Novolar design team optimizes safety, quality, functionality, style, convenience, and cutting edge innovation with a healthy smart living lifestyle to create a distinctive garden community. Our goal is to provide a serene home experience shielded from the hustle and bustle of Accra city living where healthy active families can grow, create lasting memories, and forge lifelong bonds. The Novolar Garden Communities are centered around healthy active people and families enjoying a smart urban living. This is the Novolar Lifestyle.
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Our Approach
At Novolar we implement a holistic people centered design build approach with you, your family and your home at the center of our value proposition. Our goal is to provide a serene home experience shielded from the hustle and bustle of Accra city living where healthy active families can grow, create lasting memories, and forge lifelong bonds
People Centered
The team at Novolar executes a people centered real estate development process characterized by the five Novolar distinctions of Active Living, Garden Oasis, Blue Machine, Smart Home and My Community. We intimately understand our client needs and develop customized innovative design solutions that meet and/or exceed our client’s needs.
Design Flexibility
The future is inherently uncertain and creates both opportunities and risk. The Novolar team leverages value enhancing design flexibility to allow for adaptation to the future reality and by so doing optimizing value across the real-estate life cycle. Design flexibility creates value for our clients and shareholders.
Integrated Design Build
The Novolar team recognizes that the effective management of assets across the real-estate lifecycle requires the inter-linkage between the Planning, Development, and Operational phases of a real estate development and operations project. This inter-linkage has long term design and execution implications on real estate asset value, performance and risk profile
Our Team
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Project Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Sales Manager
Systems & Technology Manager
Lead Architect
Lead Structural Engineer
Our Services
Property Development
ASABEA offers property development services. We work directly with landowners to buy land, finance real estate deals, and build the projects you desire from beginning to end. With in-house expertise in land identification and acquisition, financing, planning and construction and resource management, partnering with ASABEA always ensures that you are able to fully realize your ideal urban home.
Facility Management
The ASABEA facilities management team will meet and exceed client expectations by maintaining international standards of service delivery. ASABEA will have an onsite facilities manager, a dedicated maintenance team, and external maintenance vendors as required. The facilities management team is also available 24-hours a day. You can use our facilities management portal to report maintenance issues, track progress of repairs and track and pay for any associated costs.
Property Management
For homeowners or investors who may not be resident in ASABEA, we offer world class property management services. These services include securing long or short term rental tenants to maximize occupancy, managing housekeeping as required and providing dedicated concierge services for your guests and clients. We also liaise with government agencies to satisfy any regulatory requirement. Use our property management portal to track your rental payments and associated property management fees.